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Chinese Test

2022 test date and registration deadline

ZU-Chinese Test Center in Abu Dhabi

Authorized by Confucius Institute Headquarters

Contact us at +971 2 599 3502

Attention to exam participant. The online exams are only applicable to participant already staying in the United Arab Emirates residents. If the test participant lives outside of the UAE, he/she needs to come to the UAE three days before the exam date to take online or written exam. Proof of entry to the UAE, UAE visa are required to be provided and sent to email address of before the exam date. If IP address recorded in the exam site shows that test participant is outside of the UAE, the exam will be considered invalid.


Process and Procedures

*Required Documents
  • Soft copy of your Passport –

  • Digital passport size photo (Format:jpg/png. Size:20KB—100KB.)

You are required to;
  1. Register for the test on the Chinese testing portal

  2. Pay on ZU payment portal


  1. Register for the test on the Chinese testing portal

I.Click on the link

II.Click on New User. It will direct to the Login page, Click on New User in this page.

III.Accept “I have read and agree to registration agreement”

IV.You will be directed to Accounts creating page. Enter all required information and submit.

V.Once the details are submitted, it will take you to the Log In page. Log In using your User name and Password.

VI.Select the test level

VII.Select the test center as Confucius Institute, Zayed University  (Abu Dhabi), test format and other info as required

If you are not sure about VI and VII above, please contact

VIII.Fill out required personal information

IX.Upload your photo and confirm registration.

X.The Test Administrator will confirm your registration and send you the payment link.


2. Pay on ZU Payment Portal

I. Use the link you received to pay online

II. You will be receiving a payment confirm notification on your registered email address along with the Payment Receipt.


Once the payment is successful, you will receive a notification email for your test. If the test is paper based, you are required to visit ZU Abu Dhabi campus to sit for the test.
The test result will be provided 40 days from the test date.

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