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2022 “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition

Calling for entries for the UAE regional competitions. Showcase your Chinese language skills!

The embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United Arab Emirates and the Confucius Institute at Zayed University will host our regional competition online.

This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your Chinese language skills and hidden talents and be in to win a scholarship to study in China. We welcome participants at any level to have a go. Jiāyóu 加油!

We are now calling for entries for the UAE regional competitions for:

College Students The registration deadline is May 28th

Secondary School Students(Cycle 3)

The registration deadline is May 28th

Middle school students (Cycle 2)

The registration deadline is May 31st

Elementary school and kindergarten students (Kindergarten 1, 2, and Cycle 1).

The registration deadline is June 4th

Please check the link after each group for more information and to ensure you meet eligibility and other entry requirements.

About the Chinese Bridge:

The competition is a part of the worldwide "Chinese Bridge" language competition, which also includes Chinese competitions for foreign college and secondary school students.

Chinese Bridge is sponsored by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation. The competition has become an important platform for students of various countries to learn the Chinese language and culture.

Chinese Bridge has attracted 1.5 million foreign students from over 160 countries in the past 20 years. More than 170,000 participants have attended summer camps in China to experience Chinese culture and language.

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