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“I’m honored to be part of Beijing 2022”

On Feb. 5th, the Chinese short track speed skating team won a gold medal at MMC-MCR. With the metal blades slicing through the ice, we saw the athletes’ passion in the pursuit of speed. In the Short Track Speed Skating - Mixed Team Relay, Dajing Wu and his teammates put in an excellent performance that earned for Team China the first gold medal in Beijing 2022, highlighting the unparalleled Chinese speed on the world stage.

Four years after winning the first gold medal at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Dajing Wu is once again standing on the top podium at the Beijing Winter Olympics. He is the pride of China. I was honored to not only watch the competition on TV, but also to be on site to witness the awarding ceremony. When the Chinese athletes were about to leave, I sang “Ode to the Motherland” to them with other volunteers, until they got on the bus. Ziwei Ren mentioned this unforgettable moment during his interview later. Ren also won a gold medal in the short track speed skating race on Feb. 7th. What impressed me most in the race is that when he ran out of strength, Dajing Wu created a favorable position for Ren and encouraged him to speed on.

“I do not take all the credits of accomplishment, but I must be a contributor to the success.” This is the collective sense of honor of Chinese athletes. In the upcoming competitions, the Chinese short track speed skating team will strive for even more gold medals. Let’s rock, Chinese athletes!

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